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S6- The Future of Re Recording Mixing Has Arrived

S6- Now at Lotus. Welcome to the next generation of ultra high efficiency creative mixing technology.


Have a Mix on Us!

It's that time of the year.......The festivals.

Lotus would like to extend this special offer:

We will provide you with a complimentary mix for your festival presentation for any film contracted for a complete sound finishing package between now and August 1st

Please call David Marcus at Lotus, 310 452 - 4800 to discuss your project!

We support your creative vision and look forward to working with you.


Ground Control to Major Tom.........Stage One Baby!

Ground Control to Major Tom.........Stage One Baby!

53 x 31x 18- Largest Dub Stage West of the 405

900 channel playback - Integrated Stem Recorder
29 foot 2.35 screen
5500 Watt Tri Amp Cinema Array 7.1/5.1
Seats 65
Unlimited offstreet parking